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Fiat Chrysler went on to state that most cases of stalling occur at low speeds, while at idle, or while negotiating a turn. Dealers, it said, will install a new software flash update to Pacifica powertrain control modules for free.

The automaker’s admission that the error didn’t trigger any diagnostic trouble codes or a malfunction light vindicated those Pacifica owners who experienced stalling and brought their vans into their dealers to be fixed, only to be told that there was nothing wrong.

According to Fiat Chrysler’s own chronology (pdf) of its efforts, the automaker opened an investigation into the Pacifica stalling issue on 23 October 2017. It determined the root cause of the problem―a loss of crankshaft position sensor synchronization for roughly 150 milliseconds that was not being managed by the vehicle’s engine control software―in December 2017. The update to the control software will make it “less susceptible” to the problem, the company stated, implying that it may still occur in certain circumstances.

Intriguingly, the Fiat Chrysler chronology indicates the investigation was caused by a letter from a customer complaining about a stalling vehicle, but the automaker didn’t indicate why this particular letter caused the investigation to be launched, even though dealers received numerous customer complaints well before October. It may be that the letter came from a Pacifica owner who was also a lawyer and was involved in the filing of the Center for Auto Safety’s petition with federal regulators.

Perhaps the class action lawsuit will provide more specifics on what actually triggered the four previous technical service bulletins to update the Pacifica’s powertrain control software. Those updates are at the crux of the legal questions regarding what Fiat Chrysler knew about the stalling defect and when it knew it. It will be interesting to see how these four bulletins are connected to the current PCM software update, especially if, as the lawsuit alleges, the previous engine control software updates were used by Fiat Chrysler to merely “mask” the Pacifica stalling problem.

If the plaintiffs win, the lawsuit could have serious implications for all automobile manufacturers. As of 2016, software-related recalls were responsible for some 15 percent of all vehicle recalls , and a number that has been climbing rapidly over the past decade. The question that this lawsuit may help clarify is how soon automakers must disclose potential safety issues created by software bugs.

This is especially important in the case of transient software bugs like those responsible for the Pacificas’ stalling, which are extremely difficult to find and may not show up in the vehicles’ diagnostic systems.As software use in vehicles increases, further hard-to-replicate software-induced problems will occur, many potentially creating a crash risk. It may be time for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to revisit its recall process , which was developed with hardware defects in mind to take into account the unique automotive safety challenges that software errorspose.


Posted: Jul 02, 2018 06:03 PM EDT

Updated: Jul 02, 2018 06:04 PM EDT

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ROCHESTER - Sunday was the first team in 36 years, the Eddie Meath All Star football game was canceled.

BREAKING: For the first time in its 36 year history, ’s annual Eddie Meath Football All Star Game has been canceled due to extreme temperatures.The game will NOT be made up.

Players and coaches were left wondering why the game could not be moved or rescheduled to another date with cooler temperatures.

News 8 Sports has received some clarificationon the circumstances of the cancelation.

First, Section V athletes and the Section V football committee has nothing to do with the game or the decision to canceled it. Eddie Meath is run by a completely separate committee.

Even though it is not a sanctionedSection V event, the game still falls un NYSPHSAA guidelinesin terms of weather related actively.

Here are the guidelines organizers have to work with. Real feel at 8 PM will be over 90 degrees.

Former longtime Section V football chairman, Dick Cerrone is now the chairman of the Eddie Meath All Star Game.

He tells News 8, they could not simply push the game back to Monday because the heat index was expected to be above 96 again on the field.

Cerroneadded, that Sunday evening he spoke with all the games coaches and many said they would be 'unavailable' later in the week due to prior obligations including family vacations they had planned.

"Many players would be out of town with the 4th of July this week as well," said Cerrone.

For those reasons, Cerroneand the coaches of the game, decided Sunday they couldn't reschedulethe game.

One player told News 8, "I’m upset that I am unable to play in a game that I have been wanting to play in since I started playing but I can get over that. There are families and kids that are in need at Golisano's that could use our fundraising."

The Eddie Meath game raises anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 annually for the Golosano Children's Hosptial.

That same player added ,"I guess we will just have to move on. Hope that the community can fund-raise a little more for the hospital or donate. Would I love to play one more high school game... absolutely."

Another player said via message, "They preached all week about how the game is for the kids who can’t play... but now all the money they could have donated to the children’s hospital won’t make it there."

This is Cerrone'sfinal year as the chairman of the Eddie Meath committee and said, "This is not how I, or my committee members,some who have been apart of this for 25 years, wanted to go out... but it was out of our control."

Una classifica del tutto soggettiva, che sarà costantemente aggiornata nel corso del 2018.

Secondo noi l'album italiano qualitativamente migliore come canzoni, produzione e arrangiamenti è Brasil di Mario Biondi, prodotto dagli esperti da Mario Caldato e da Kassin, un'originale ibridazione tra musica brasiliana e il soul-funk tanto caro al crooner catanese, che avrebbe meritato maggiore attenzione da parte dei network radiofonici.

Sul podio salgono Mina e Max Gazzè, un gradito ritorno della prima con l'elegante Karls Essential tag keyring Black Karl Lagerfeld A8MIJYcNR
, un salto di qualità per il secondo, che si è confrontato per la prima volta con un'orchestra sinfonica nel bellissimo concept album STRAIGHTSET 316 3 FOOTWEAR Lowtops amp; sneakers Lacoste NjSiz1jWBn

1) Mario Biondi - Brasil

2) Mina - Maeba

3) Max Gazzè - Alchemaya

4) Calibro 35 - Decade

5) Cosmo - Cosmotronic

6) Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel - Privè

7) Decibel – L’anticristo

8) Negrita – Desert Yacht Club

9) Carmen Consoli – Eco di sirene

10) Ministri - Fidatevi

11) Black Beat Movement - Radio Mantra

12) Wrongonyou - Rebirth

13) Ridillo - Pronti, Funky, Via!

14) Stylophonic - We are

15) Nitro - No comment

I Calibro 35 si confermano una delle migliori band italiane nel cinematico EYEWEAR Sunglasses Dolce amp; Gabbana vgyGrc
, tra blaxploitation e colonne sonore, mentre Cosmo ha stupito ancora una volta mettendo insieme pop, cantautorato e dance nell’irresistibile Cosmotronic , un album che fa muovere al tempo stesso gambe e cervello.

Assai graditi i ritorni della Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel in Privè , dove troviamo quattro brani scritti dal compianto Fausto Mesolella, dei Ridillo, gli araldi del funk in Italia dal 1991, con l’energico Pronti, funky, via! e di Stylophonic, all'anagrafe Stefano Fontana, che ha registrato a New York il nuovo disco We are , all’insegna di un electrofunk tutto da ballare, scritto a quattro mani con il talentuoso cantante Kena Anae,originario del Bronx.

Assai graditi i ritorni della Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel in Privè , dove troviamo quattro brani scritti dal compianto Fausto Mesolella, dei Ridillo, gli araldi del funk in Italia dal 1991, con l’energico Pronti, funky, via! e di Stylophonic, all'anagrafe Stefano Fontana,

Di grande qualità Eco di Sirene di Carmen Consoli , con 22 brani registrati in presa diretta con nuovi arrangiamenti per chitarra ed archi, scritti dalla stessa Carmen appositamente per il live in studio, e L’anticristo dei Decibel , tornati insieme dopo tanti anni, tra punk, glam e il rock decadente tanto amato da Ruggeri.

Nitro ha pubblicato quello che, a nostro giudizio, è il migliore album rap italiano del 2018, il corrosivo No comment , che piacerà anche a chi ha superato abbondantemente la maggiore età, i Negrita confermano le loro qualità e il loro eclettismo nel godibile Desert Yacht Club e i Ministri convincono anche nel loro album meno politico ma più introspettivo, dall’emblematico titolo Fidatevi .

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